Услуги и развлечения

The hotel spa “Mёd” provides an extensive range of services for guests, which includes karaoke and matches broadcast, different massages and a variety of spa treatments, Finnish sauna and even bath attendant services in spacious steam rooms.

SPA treatments

All kinds of spa treatments at the hotel “Mёd” in Kemerovo will not just help you relax from head to toe, but will also strengthen your body with special thermal and mineral water, algae and therapeutic mud, as well as clay, salt and other natural materials. All these components improve the state of skin and promote proper metabolism, normalize fluid balance in the body and has overall health benefits.

Chocolate wraps, fruit peelings and collagen facials will nourish your skin and make up for the lack of vitamins, and special anti-cellulite treatments will give youth and elasticity to your body.

After pleasant spa treatments in a comfortable hotel “Mёd” fatigue and stress will leave your body and soul, and a sense of calm and peace will come in their place.


Also, in our hotel you can enjoy a relaxing honey massage, which will eliminate insomnia and help relieve muscle tension after intense working days. Therapeutic massage, in turn, promotes the normalization of blood circulation, improves metabolism and stabilizes it.

It is not so easy to find a high-quality massage in Kemerovo, so do not miss your chance to come to the hotel spa “Mёd” and fully enjoy the moments of bliss under the magic hands of our massage therapists.


Bath attendant services

In addition to spa treatments and massages our guests may be happy to relax in the traditional Russian bath, having ordered a professional bath attendant for this purpose. Experienced masters of bath treatments will help you to leave your worries and stress behind the doors of the sauna and get beneficial health effect from Russian bath.

Bath attendant services at our hotel in Kemerovo include the preparation of the bath and the process of taking a steam-bath with birch and oak brooms, as well as strict adherence to health standards.

Be sure to come to the hotel spa “Mёd” to visit our sauna and try its therapeutic healing effect if you prefer dry steam to wet. By the way, relaxing in bath or sauna can be combined with honey and salt or coffee peeling, which will make your skin fresh and glowing, as well as they will make your body beautiful and resilient.



The hotel “Mёd” sauna will save you from unnecessary worries and will remove harmful toxins from your body just for a few hours. Our hotel bath or sauna will bring you cheerfulness and positive energy, help relax and relieve fatigue of the week.

We have rooms of different styles. They have their own features. “Tropics” is a kind of cottage in the wild jungle, decorated with colorful furniture from rattan and transparent curtains. The atmosphere of the tropical forests reigns here and you can smell the aroma of exotic spices.


The room “Siberian Health” in the style of Russian wooden hut works both as a sauna and a steam room. In this room you will be able to cheer up with cold shower from the tub of ice water, and then warm up with a cup of tonic herbal tea with honey.

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You can meet your friends, chat with your colleagues, as well as relax with your family or spend an unforgettable romantic evening together in the hotel spa “Mёd”. Our cozy hotel in Kemerovo is also perfect for corporate, birthday and wedding parties.